Winter Crops Planted area Survey in Kurdistan Region (Area - Yield - Production - Expenditure) 2016-2017

Kurdistan region statistics office is very grateful to its staff, statistical directorates in governorates and administrations, agricultural statistics department in ministry of agriculture and water resources for their distinctive efforts in performing this survey.

29 June 2021

Summer Crops agriculture report Planting year 2013

As a main source of providing food and its role in some industrial sectors, agriculture has always been concern of human being and countries look at it as of the most important infrastructural sectors of economy.

29 June 2021

Poultry farm report Kurdistan Region 2013

Today poultry farming has gained considerable attention due to its numerous benefits including providing the main source of protein and other necessities of life. The importance of poultry farming in terms of economic gains has also grown significantly. It is due to its fast growth, generating considerable income in just three month, time and space efficiency compared to raising other animals which requires large space, finally less economic loss when affected by diseases.

29 June 2021

Summer Planted Area Report in Kurdistan Region (2012-2013)

The Agricultural Statistics Unit in the Kurdistan Regional Statistics Office (KRSO) prepared this Report on the summer planted areas for 2012 - 2013. In this Report the total number of all farmers an planted areas with summer crops (except fruit trees) are presented as tables and charts at the level of the smallest administration unit (village) in all of the three governorates of the Region.

30 June 2021

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