Tourism establishments survey in Kurdistan region 2016

Kurdistan region statistics office expresses its high appreciation to the directors and all staff from KRSO and statistical directorates in governments who participated in this survey and their hard works. Also, KRSO is grateful to Kurdistan region’s general tourism office for its cooperation with KRSO to conduct the survey.

29 June 2021

Trade exchange (import) in Kurdistan region 2016-2017

The aim of Kurdistan region statistics office is to achieve various data and indicators on different fields. One of those fields is Export and Import in Kurdistan region as an important economic source. For this reason, Industrial department in KRSO could achieve this data which is available in “report of trade exchange between Iraq, Kurdistan region and the countries across the world 2014-2017’ which has been prepared by ministry of trade and industry/ planning department.

29 June 2021

Tourism Establishment survey in Kurdistan Region 2013

The economy of all nations depends on several sectors. One of these sectors is the tourism sector that considered as an important source to improve the nation economy

29 June 2021

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