Industries Statistics department

Head of Industries Statistics department

Mohammed Tofiq Rasool has been started working in the Kurdistan regional statistics office in 2008, supervised in many surveys as a project coordinator and central supervisor. He has participated in a several statistical courses and workshops. He holds a Master's degree in Social Statistics from the University of Southampton in 2015.


Brief description on the department:

Industrial sector has a significant role in economic growth and contribution to the gross domestic product (GDP) of countries as a source of generating income and creating job opportunities. For this reason, Industry statistics department in the Kurdistan region statistics office (KRSO) makes its efforts to gather annual Statistics on industrial establishments by implementing of the industrial establishment survey to all types of industries to provide of important indicators.

Translation Department

Head of Translation Department

Hadar Hsso Mirkhan, graduated from the English Department / Salahaddin University.

 In 2004, started working as translator in KRSO. Translation is the main work in this department in addition to auditing and reviewing the statistical publications prepared by statistical departments in KRSO.

Duties of the Translation Department

Translating statistical reports prepared by KRSO’ statistical departments from Kurdish to English,

Translating statistical publications from English to Kurdish that are prepared outside KRSO when necessary,

Translating press releases from Kurdish to English and vice versa,

Reviewing and auditing the statistical works prepared by KRSO in collaboration with statistical departments in KRSO and preparing them for translation,

Reviewing the statistical work or reports prepared by other organizations when necessary.