The high committee of IHSESIII holds an online meeting

Under the supervision of the president of KRSO, the high committee of household socio economic survey (IHSESIII) held its first online meeting on 24/4/2022 With participation of the heads of statistics of the Kurdistan regions’ governorates and technical team from KRSO.
9 May 2022

Training course conducted on economic organizations survey for private sector in Kurdistan region in 2022

Under auspices of president of KRSO, to train the field numerators, a training course was conducted to survey the economic organizations (very small, small and medium) for private sector in Kurdistan region in 2022.
9 March 2022


The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and Kurdistan Regional Statistics Office (KRSO) signed a new agreement on research into food security, to support informed decision-making on efforts to support vulnerable families in the Kurdistan Region.
25 January 2022

A training course is held on Internal Trade Survey

In cooperation between central statistical organization (CSO) and Kurdistan region statistics office (KRSO), a training course was held on the internal trade survey (wholesale and retail, sale and repair of vehicles) for 2021.
15 December 2021

A workshop is conducted on economic establishments in the private sector

Under supervision of the head of KRSO and cooperation with UNDP a workshop was held on
22 November 2021

Conducting census in Iraq is discussed in a2 days meeting in KRSO

conducting census in Iraq is discussed in a2 daysmeeting in KRSO A 2-days meeting 20-21 Sep 2020was held in KRSO to review the census preparations process and the steps thathave been taking toward census implementation.
16 April 2021

A delegation from KRSO visits Egypt

Making preparation for census 2020 in Iraq and Kurdistan region, KRSO participated in a series of meetings in Cairo, Egypt between 28-31/10/2018.
10 November 2019

A joint delegation from CSO and KRSO visits Jordan

On preparatory work for census 2020 a joint delegation from CSO and KRSO visited kingdom of Jordan between 17-19/6/2019
25 June 2019