Building and construction sector has an effective and important role in the country’s economic development by creating Job opportunities and contributing to GDP. Providing data on this sector is of great importance for policy and decision -making and planning to develop the construction sector and country’s economy in general.    

Construction sector’s indicators are important in calculating GDP, as well as funding essential projects in the country in future in the public and private sectors. 

The building and construction department in KRSO in cooperation with other governmental departments works to obtain new statistical data on this sector by collecting the data on construction licenses and projects in this field. This data includes all kinds of construction and building licenses (residential houses or apartments, villa, commercial buildings, supermarkets, factories…etc.) aim at showing the construction and building activities and provide important indicators such as the number of building licenses, the number of construction projects, the size of permitted area, built area, the cost of building one m2, and estimation cost by material used in construction in Kurdistan region.