Education and Health

Department of Education, Health and Social Statistics

This department is a multi-sector in KRSO that contains data and information in the fields of education, health, social affairs, each of which has several sub-branches. It gathers its Data and information from two sources:  the first source is the relative ministries of education, high education, health, ministry of labor and social affairs, ministry of interior, judicial council and the ministry of endowments and religious affairs that provide statistical data at the level of governments from which statistical indicators would be achieved in a standard way. The second source is surveys that KRSO conducts in cooperation with international organizations every few years depending on the characteristics of data, where they provide important indicators that cannot be obtained from official records without conducting statistical surveys. The indicators cover households’ socio- economic condition such as income, households’ and individuals’ expenditure, poverty line, households’ food condition and other important indicators on children, women’s social and health condition, households’ characteristics, youth and teenagers. Each can be available at the level of governorates and demographic basis.