Generally, it refers to different economic units in a country (people, commercial establishments, government units...) in a unified account. National account shows the flow of goods, services, and incomes between the various sectors of the national economy. It is a means of depicting the economic and financial developments that occur during a period of time, such as a year or half a year in order to know the extent of its development from time to time. Economic programs are drawn up in the light of what the national accounts shows. The national economy is divided between the trade, which is the production (production of goods and services), consumption, public services or the government administration sector, and the financial intermediaries such as banks and insurance companies and the sector of import and export.

Data sources

First: External sources: These data are collected from ministries and relevant offices (outside the KRSO). Which are:

  1. General final accounts of the state/Ministry of Finance.
  2. Balance of Payments / Central Bank of Iraq/Kurdistan branch.
  3. Produced and exported crude oil data / Ministry of natural resources.
  4. Final accounts and balance sheets for public sector and mixed companies / Financial Supervision Bureau.
  5. Final accounts and balance sheets for banks and insurance.

Second: Internal sources: KRSO/ Technical departments

  1. Industrial statistics results for large, medium, and small industrial establishments / Industrial statistics department.
  2. Water and electricity statistics results / Industrial statistics department.
  3.   Prices /Consumer Price Index department.
  4. Crop and vegetable production reports / Agricultural Statistics Department.
  5. Field prices for agricultural products / Agricultural Statistics Department.
  6. Poultry reports / Agricultural Statistics Department.
  7. Quarterly forms for the prices of slaughterhouse products/ Agricultural Statistics Department.
  8. The results of the survey of the cost and operation of private sector cars / Transport and Communications Statistics Department.
  9. Telecommunications companies data /Transport and Communications Statistics Department.
  10. The results of the household socio economic surveys in Kurdistan Region / Health and Education Statistics Department.
  11. The results of mining and quarrying surveys in the private sector / Industrial Statistics Department.
  12. the results of building and construction statistics in the Public and Private Sectors / Construction Statistics Department.