Population statistics presents the information about the population of Kurdistan region and the population structure by sex and age. It provides the statistics that directly affect the size and structure of the population, such as fertility, mortality and migration. Since there has been no census in Iraq and Kurdistan region for a long time (the last general census of Iraq was conducted in 1987), many of the statistics and information in this department are estimations and projections, that is why the information disseminated by this department is based on techniques that are scientifically sound benefiting from modern sciences and techniques of estimations and projections.

   Published data and information, according to the availability of appropriate scientific sources, are classified by governorate, district, subdistrict, environment (urban or rural), age group and sex. The sources of this data and information are from the previous censuses, the results of counting and numbering process in 2009, the ration card, as well as surveys conducted by the Kurdistan region statistics office in the past years.