A meeting is held on exchanging figures over displaced people in Kurdistan Region
3 August 2016

The meeting aimed at exchanging figures and Data between related organizations- the government organizations and United Nations organizations- over collecting information on Refugees and displaced people in Kurdistan Region. The meeting was conducted in KRSO on 26/7/2016. The government organizations included KRSO, directorate of Displacement and Migration in ministry of interior, the federal office representation of ministry of Displacement and Migration (MODM) in Kurdistan Region, as well as ministry of trade and industry. And the United Nation organizations included UNFPA, IOM, UNHCR, and WFP.

During two-hours meeting, the president of KRSO first welcomed the attendants and   expressed the purpose behind the meeting and a summery about what had been done in this regard. Following that, the representative from IOM presented the way of collecting information on internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Kurdistan region. Then, representative of WFP talked about their project (SCOPE project) that is used in collection information on IDPs in order to provide them with monthly food ration as cash assistance. Then, the attendants exchanged their opinion about the mechanism of these two projects. At the end, it was agreed to hold another meeting the week after to listen to the presentations of WFP (completed) and UNHCR in addition to MODM presentation