A meeting is held on Iraq Census 2020 in Amman/Jordan
30 September 2019
Experts gathered in a meeting in Amman to discuss the process of Iraq census 2020. 
The meeting was facilitated by UNFPA and Arab institute for research and statistical studies. Representatives from KRSO, CSO, the experts form countries of Jordan, Egypt and Tunisia country, UNFPA, and Iraq national advisor for census participated in the meeting, which lasted for 3 days (22-24/9/2019
the meeting discussed the census general plan, united nation principles recommendations on census, the role of KRSO in census, the role of different sectors and the steps have been taken by these sectors, the procedure of the field work and the  steps have been taken, the method of conducting an electronic census, the role of geographical information in conducting electronic census, the census structure in KRI and other places in Iraq, data security and confidentiality, the role of communication and dissemination, and the obstacles. 
It was agreed to prepare a national document on census to be signed by stakeholders to support the census. Importance of training and data quality controlling were elaborated on during the meeting, as well as cooperation between civil societies, private sector and academics. Trainings and capacity building, decentralization for decision making, reducing routines and keeping census away from political interference were other important topics that were discussed in the meeting.  
At the end, it was decided to build on the outcome of the meeting and continuous cooperation between statistical and other census relevant parties was also emphasized on.