A meeting is held on Modernization of statistical program
7 March 2013

A comprehensive meeting was held on Modernization of statistical program in Kurdistan Region in Van Royal Hotel on 3/7/2013. The meeting was attended by representatives from KRSO and related ministries. The meeting was supervised by KRSO in cooperation with UNFPA aimed at evaluating the program of Modernization Statistical System in Kurdistan Region during 1/1/2013 to 20/6/2013. In this meeting six committees presented their report. On the reports they talked about what has been done, the obstacles, their comments, and their plan for the next six months. The foreigner experts who supervised the meeting presented their reports    jointly with KRSO committee as well.It is worth to say that Mr Mahdi Allaq, the head of Central Statistics Organization, UNDP, and UNWOMEN presented a part of the mitting.