A training course for enumerators is held for Youth survey
25 February 2019
A training course was held for numerators in Cristal Hotel in Erbil between 9-15/2/2019 in preparation for conducting youth survey in Kurdistan region.   
KRSO in cooperation with CSO, Ministry of youth and culture in Kurdistan region and ministry of youth and sport in Iraq are preparing to conduct the youth survey in Kurdistan region. 
This survey was carried out for the first time in 2009, following instability and demographical changes that happened in Iraq and the region in 2014 due to ISIS invasion and massive influx of IDPs from other governorates to Kurdistan    
In the aftermath of those instability and demographic changes that happened during and after 2014 mainly because of ISIS war and massive waves of IDPs from other governorates of Iraq to KRI and the impact of these events on youths, it was found necessary to carry out a survey to attain information and indicators on youths and juveniles situation aged 10-30.
Following the training course, a pilot survey was conducted in Erbil city with the participation of all enumerators to evaluate the questionnaire. Then the comments on the fieldwork were discussed and were taken into consideration.
The fieldwork of the survey is scheduled to start before the end of Feb 2019. It will cover all KRI’s governorates according to the designed sample. 625 households has been selected in each governorates for rural and urban area and the interview will be done for all members of the household aged 10-30 years old.