A training course for trainers is conducted on youths and juveniles survey
26 December 2018
Under the auspices of the president of KRSO and represented by of Sulaimani statistics director, a training course for trainers was conducted for youth and teenagers’ survey in Titanic Hotel in sulaimani between 21-24/12/2018.
Technical team from KRSO and CSO along with representatives of ministries of youth and juveniles from KRG and Iraq government participated in the course, where, the questionnaire was fully discussed during the course with all questions in detail as well as the plan for the next steps was discussed including conducting a training course for enumerators in Erbil soon.    
The aim of the survey is (1) obtain the indicators on youth and juveniles in age group 10-30 years and updating the indicators of this survey that was carried out in 2009 (2) to show demographic changes after 2014 due to influx a huge number of displaced people to Kurdistan region from other parts of Iraq. 
for this purpuse, KRSO and CSO in cooperation with ministry of sport and youth of Iraq, ministry of culture and youth of Kurdistan region and in coordination with UNFPA the youth survey will be conducted in early 2019.