A workshop is held on using Census’s questions in IHSES3
29 September 2019
Preparation for Iraqi Household Socio -Economic Survey (IHSES), a 2-day workshop was held to consult over census’ questionnaire and using some questions of this questionnaire in IHSES to measure poverty rate and poverty line. 
Under auspices of the head of KRSO and presentation of the counselor of Iraqi prime minister in census affairs, International Bank team from Washington Office, representatives from UNICEF, UNFPA, and representatives from governments’ statistical directorates in Kurdistan region, and technical team from CSO and KRSO, the workshop was held in hotel Rotana/ Erbil on 17/9/2019.
Two topics were talked about during the workshop, 1) conducting IHSES and using its data in measuring Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) and planning for the survey which was postponed to after census, 2) making link between IHSES and census’ questionnaires which is going to be done in Iraq in 2020 and relying on its data, the rate and poverty line would be driven from at the level of smallest administrative units (districts, sub-districts).