Agreement between KRSO and UNICEF to conduct the sixth round of Multiple Indicators Cluster Survey (MICS6)
2 March 2017

An agreement was signed between KRSO and UNICEF to conduct the 6th round of Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey in 2017 in cooperation with Central Statistics Office (CSO).

Following the 4th round of mentioned survey (MICS4) in 2011 in Kurdistan Region and making preparation for the 5th round in 2014 which round was not conducted due to economic crisis problem and ISIS war.

On 1/3/2017, with presence of representative of UNICEF, the president of KRSO signed agreement on conducting MICS6 in KRSO. The aim of MICS is to monitor the health condition of under 5 years children and women aged 15-49.  MICS is considered as one of the important surveys in providing indicators on health and education condition of targeted groups as well as indictors on household’s characteristics.

The survey is planned to be conducted at the level of districts as a designed sample frame.