Delegation from ministry of planning of Iraq and Kurdistan region visits Egypt
26 May 2019
As Iraq is planning to conduct census in 2020, a joint delegation from ministry of planning of Iraq and Kurdistan region visit Egypt between 4-8 March, 2019 to familiarize with electronic census requirements.
The delegation consisted of advisor of Iraqi counsel of ministries, the head of Iraq central statistics Organization (CSO) and the president of KRSO. During the visit, in addition to a meeting with the head of central statistics organization of Egypt, the delegation made a 2-day meeting with technical team from central statistics organization of Egypt that supervised the census in 2017. The technical teams made several presentations on different stages of census until releasing the census results in a big ceremony with presentation of the president of Egypt in September 2017. The third day was meant to meet with the head of regional office of the United Nations population fund (UNFPA) and a technical team to exchange opinions about doing a successful census in Iraq and the reasons behind the failure to perform the census in Iraq 2010. It is worth to mention that Egypt was the first country in the region that conducted census in electronic form by using 40 000 tablets during 6 weeks.