KRSO and CSO meeting on census 2020
30 September 2019
To discuss the census process, informing about the future plan and achiving more cooperation between KRSO and CSO, a meeting was organized in the ministry of planning on 18-19/9/2019.
The meeting was under the supervision of the president of KRSO with participation of the Iraq national advisor for census, the president of CSO, the census executive directorates from Kurdistan region and Baghdad, statistics directorates from governorates, GIS and IT staff from both sides and representative from UNFPA. 
In the meeting, presentation on census next plan and the steps that have been taken toward census till now were shown.  The role of GIS and IT in the process of electronic census and the demands for this purpose were discussed. 
The obstacles faced KRSO in preparation for census due to budget not being provided and the reasons behind and its impact on censes process in Iraq was discussed in the meeting. CSO promised to make efforts to settle or find a solution to this problem. the meeting lasted for 3 hours and main conclusion was to enhance efforts by KRSO and CSO to overcome obstacles and make the necessary steps forward.