KRSO leads consultation meeting on IHSES
10 April 2019
Kurdistan region statistics office held on consultation Meeting with different governmental and UN on the third round of Iraqi households socio–economic survey in Iraq and Kurdistan region. 
The survey related parties who participated in the meeting were ministries of planning, trade, education and health as well as UNFPA, UNICEF, IOM, OCHA, and WHO. the questioners is divided to four parts each on different subject that include 24 sections. They were presented in the meeting. The covered indicators were discussed in the meeting, and then participants express their comments and opinions on the questionnaire. It is worth to mention that a World Bank team as supporter of the survey will visit Iraq in May 2019 to start the survey preparatory work and specify a date for survey field work. This survey is of great importance in showing the new poverty line and poverty rate as well as many other indicators.