KRSO participates in a training course on NVivo program
17 November 2022

In cooperation with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), two teams from Kurdistan region statistics office (KRSO) and central statistics organization (CSO) participated in a training course on data analysis by using the NVivo program.

this course was presented by  Dr. Muhammad Hassan Hosni, expert and teacher at the Social Research Center- The American University / Cairo. The course was held in Baghdad which lasted for five days between 6-10/11/2022.

At the beginning of the course, it referred to the importance of these courses in the fields of statistics and improving the capability of employees and users of this program in statistical surveys. It also mentioned the importance of qualitative surveys in obtaining comprehensive information, studying controversial topics and giving respondents and enumerators the opportunity to express their opinions. The emphasis was on the importance of the role of enumerators who are partners in all stages of the surveys and their role in providing information to respondents and receiving information back from them. it also pointed out the importance of the NVivo program in analyzing qualitative data and prepare and organize the topics of surveys for analytical stage, which goes through the following steps: 1) begins with collecting information from target population 2) reading and understanding the details of the interview 3) coding and classifying the topics of the survey 4) analyzing and 5) writing down the results.  

It is worth mentioning, in the first two days of the course, it theoretically explained the types and importance of qualitative data, methods of organizing and preparing for the analysis stage, then the other days, the NVivo program was practically practiced.