Meeting of steering committee on maternal, newborn and child health survey (MNCH)
17 January 2017
To evaluate the maternal, newborn and child health survey (MNCH), President of KRSO, Serwan.M led a meeting on January4th, 2017.
The meeting was attended by survey’s high committee, representatives from UNICEF, directorates of health statistics in governorates, survey’s coordinator, local and central supervisors. 
The meeting discussed the survey’s stages as well as the problems faced the teams during the field work. At the end, an evaluation was made over the survey and KRSO’s president made his comments and observations to coordinator and supervisors of the survey.
The field work of MNCH survey started on 10/12/2016 in the district of Sharbazher in Sulaimani, the district of Mergasor in Erbil, and districts of Shekhan and Amedi in Duhok governorate. The survey is being conducted by KRSO and directorates of health in governorates of Kurdistan region.