Statement from KRSO
30 January 2018
Few days ago, some information were published about Kurdistan region’s population, in which the Kurdistan region’s population was announced more than 7 million people. It also referred to Ministry of planning and KRSO as the source of information. We here by state that Kurdistan region’s population has been estimated for 2009 to 2020 and this information is available on KRSO web site by the link shown below. This is the only official figure on population that has been published by KRSO and we don’t recognize any information that may be published by other sources. KRSO also would like to add the following: 
1. No figure has been published by KRSO on Kurdistan region’s ethnicities and religion’s components. 
2. No figure has been published by KRSO concerning population of Kirkuk, Doz, Shingal, and other disputed area.
3. No information is available in KRSO about population of Kurdistan region citizens who live outside of Kurdistan Region.

KRSO, 28/1/2018


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