The census third meeting discusses the census preparatory work
13 October 2019
Along with director of Sulaimani statistics directorate, president of KRSO participated in the third meeting of census high committee on 8/10/2019.
The meeting was headed by his Excellency ministry of planning of Iraq with participation of the members of census high committee.
Preparatory for census was discussed during the meeting and all comments and suggestions from participants were raised and taken into consideration during two hours of the meeting.
The president of KRSO made comments on few points, of which we can refer to the share of KRSO from the census budget of Iraq that has not been settled yet and he requested for the budget to be sent as soon as possible in order to start census preparatory work in KRSO similar to CSO. The comments were taken into consideration by the minister of planning and he promised to settle the budget matter as soon as possible. He also acknowledged the importance of Kurdistan region participation in the entire process of the census preparatory work.