The first meeting of Iraq census high committee is held
26 May 2019
Headed by Iraq minister of planning, the first meeting of Iraq census high committee was held on 21/5/2019.
As representatives from Kurdistan region, the president of KRSO along with director of statistics of Sulaimani participated in the meeting. The census working plan of 2019 was presented by executive director of the census. During the meeting, the result from the visit of Iraqi delegation to Egypt was revealed to the participants about the information they got from Egypt central statistics on conducting electronic census using tablets.   
His Excellency, minister of planning of Iraq focused on the importance of the meeting as census preparatory work. He asked fo an extensive participation of people in the census for a guaranteed future. He added, census is a crucial need for Iraq and Iraq will go according to the international standards to conduct census. He also called for international technical support by UN and especially by UNFPA as the related UN agency to population.