The thirteenth statistical conference was held in Bagdad
28 November 2018
The annual conference of CSO is held in Palestine hotel in Bagdad on 21//11/2018. A delegation from KRSO which is headed by the president of KRSO participated in the conference for the first time. The delegation consisted of the heads from population and labor force statistics department, social and education statistics department, and Transportation and communication statistics department.
The conference was held in coordination with UNFPA, and several Iraqi federal ministries and organizations have been invited to the conference.
At the beginning of the conference the head of CSO presented welcoming remarks and mentioned the purpose of the conference, and emphasized on the strong coordination and cooperation between SCO and KRSO. Then, a brief speech was presented by the president of KRSO in which he referred to the ongoing cooperation between SCO and KRSO as well as their strong connection in data collection and statistical responsibilities.
The representative of UNFPA presented a speech in which he mentioned the coordination and interaction between UNFPA and both of CSO and KRSO and the importance of this cooperation to continue.
It is worthy to mention, the conference focused on two issues. The first One was about the importance of conducting a census in Iraq, following those demographic changes which took place in previous years in Iraq and the lack of new population frame and electronically conducting of the census which is planned to be conducted in 2020.  
The conference also discussed conducting the second phase of IWISHII in Iraq and Kurdistan region. The purpose will be updating and obtaining new comprehensive indicators concerning social and health states of women at the adulthood age to the marriage and motherhood stages.