Training of trainers Course (TOT) for Agricultural Survey (Assessment of Situation and Needs) is held by FAO
20 May 2024

In order to improve the standard living of farmers in Iraq and Kurdistan region, and in order to carryout agricultural surveys (assessing the condition and needs of agricultural households), the World Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) organized a training course for the participants who are going to collect data of the survey. The course lasted for 4 days between 22- 25/4/2024 With the participation of the Kurdistan Region Statistics Office and the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources in the region.

During the course, one day was allocated for filling out the form in a practical way by the statistical team of the Statistics Office, the statistics directorates in the governorates, and the participants from the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources in order to address and solve the problems may occur in data entry program, as well as evaluating the survey form and the level of learning of the participants. On the last day, certificate was given to participants. The survey is planned to begin before the end of June of 2024.