Using international comparison program in conducting household expenditure survey
1 December 2016

With cooperation of Central Statistics Organization (CSO), Kurdistan Region Statistics Office (KRSO) implemented the international comparison program (ICP) in conducting household expenditure survey.

International comparison program is an international statistical partnership program to collect information on comparative price data and detailed expenditure value on gross domestic production (GDP) of the country. It also used to estimate purchasing power parities (PPPs) of the world's economies. Using PPPs instead of market exchange rates to convert currencies makes it possible to compare the output of economies and the welfare of their inhabitants in real terms (that is, controlling for differences in price levels). For this reason, household expenditure survey is important in ICP. The survey is divided into four rounds, where three rounds have been done so far. Each rounds lasted for 10 days. The three rounds are dated as following:

First round on 7-16/4/2016

Second round on 19-28/6/2016

Third round on 28/8-6/9/2016

All the three round of this survey was carried out in Sulaymani governorate due to having larger population and the number of districts compared to other governorates. As part to this survey, another survey, the rent survey was also conducted in the same governorate through 10 days in June 2016. For this purpose three levels of households in term of living condition were selected (high, middle, low) for people who live in houses and apartments in which three prices were collected for each level.