The 7th Scientific Conference of the Arab Statisticians’ Union is held on 8-9/3/2023 in Egypt-Cairo

under supervision of the Prime Minister of the republic of Egypt and with the coordination of Egypt Central Statistics Organization, the7th scientific conference of the Arab Statisticians’ Union was held on 8-9/3/2023in Cairo With the participation of the head of the Arab statisticians’ union, the secretary general of the Arab Statisticians’ union and the head of the scientific union of statisticians of Iraq and 77 Arab researchers in statistical field and 2researchers from KRSO two participars.
20 March 2023

Training courses are conducted for industrial index survey for large establishments 2020 is conducted

To measure big industrial production index in 2020, two training courses were caried out.
24 July 2022

Training course on the survey of use information technology in Households (HHs) is held

A training course to survey the use of information technology in household for 2022 was held on 3/7/2022.
24 July 2022

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