Suggested surveys for 2013
21 June 2014
1-  Hotel and Motel units survey 
2-  Internal trading survey
3-  Restaurant and coffee shops survey
4-  Seasonal building licenses survey
5-  Building materials cost survey
6-   Construction machines survey
7-  The survey of houses and real estate price in Kurdistan Region
8-  The survey of big and medium industries
9-  small industries  survey
10-               mining survey
11-               the survey of environment for municipality services
12-              water consumption survey
13-              Frame of cultivated areas for winter crops and vegetables survey
14-              Cultivated areas,yield,cost and production for winter and vegtables survey
15-               the expenditure and income of summer production.
16-               the survey of live stocks &honeybees  products from animals, birds.
17-               agricultural equipment survey
18-               water resources survey
19-               house rentals survey
20-               land using survey
21-               communication and information technology survey for families and individuals
22-               internet cafes survey
23-               survey latent energy stored
24-               private schools survey
25-               private nurseries survey
26-               private hospitals and laboratories survey
27-               seasonal labour force survey