Technical committee (TC)

A meeting was held in KRSO on 21 April 2015. The meeting was leaded by the president of KRSO
22 April 2015

the field teams are going to the field for the pilot

today we are going to the field for the pilot after 3 days
29 March 2015

A training course on IDP’s pilot project was carried out in KRSO

A training course on comprehensive Registration of Displaced people in Kurdistan Region
26 March 2015

A Meeting is held with governments’ statistical directorates

A meeting was held at the KRSO on Tuesday, March10th, 2015
18 March 2015

Technical committee (TC) holds meeting

The technical committee (TC) made a meeting to discuss the comprehensive
18 March 2015

Joint Press Statement: KRG – United Nations 2014

Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KR-I) has become a refuge from Iraq’s violence 2014
15 December 2014

A course on administration is held KRSO staff

A course on administration was held at the level of KRSO, and governorate’s statistical directorates
24 September 2014

Survey on the culture of optimal using of water

A course was carried out about the survey on culture of optimal using of water by KRSO with cooperation of CSO, and UNICEF organization in KRSO.
24 September 2014

On World population day- 11 July

Number of population increased in Kurdistan region
23 July 2014

Visiting Rania & Sulaymania city

Head of KRSO with a delegation from KRSO visited Rania city and met the enumerators working on IPMM survey (Iraqi Poverty Mapping & Maternal Mortality) which has started on the JAN 2013.
10 January 2013

IPSM (Iraqi Public Sector Modernization) Statistical Sector

An international expert from German Co.( GOPA) is expecting to arrive in Kurdistan to meet committee of providing statistics and social production.
20 October 2012

Conducting building and reconstructing survey

KRSO in cooperation with Bagdad central statistics organization is going to conduct building licences survey for private sector establishments' organizations on the level of the Region Governorates on 19/9/2012 under the supervision of the head of KRSO and department of constructions statistics KRSO.
2 October 2012

Suggested surveys for 2013

Suggested surveys for 2013
2 October 2012

IPSM (Iraqi Public Sector Modernization) Statistical Sector

Regional statistics office, in cooperation with UNFPA is going to perform second training course on SPSS in KRSO on 19/9/2012.
19 September 2012

IPSM (Iraqi Public Sector Modernization) Statistical Sector

In order to start the implementation of phase 2 of IMSP a workshop was held.
19 September 2012