Deputy Minister of Planning visits census field teams

Today 1/6/2024 Mr. Sirwan Mohammed, Deputy Minister of Planning of Kurdistan Region and acting president of KRSO visited Sulaymaniyah governorate.
4 June 2024

Second day of pilot census begins in Kurdistan region

On 1/6/2024, the second day of pilot census continued in all governorates of Kurdistan Region (Erbil, Duhok and Sulaymaniyah) where enumerators started the testing of listing and numbering of buildings
4 June 2024

Third day of pilot census begins in Kurdistan region

As the second day, the third day of pilot census and the last day of listing and numbering process is conducted.
4 June 2024

Census pilot training course is held in Kurdistan Region’s governorates

Under the supervision of KRSO and statistical directorate in KR governorates and administrations, like other governorates in Iraq, a training course for statistical employees from statistics directorates of governorates and administrations started in Erbil, Sulaymaniyah and Duhok on 15/5/2024.
22 May 2024

Training of trainers Course (TOT) for Agricultural Survey (Assessment of Situation and Needs) is held by FAO

In order to improve the standard living of farmers in Iraq and Kurdistan region, and in order to carryout agricultural surveys (assessing the condition and needs of agricultural households),
20 May 2024

Development Cooperation Committee gathers in Brussels, Belgium

18th January 2024 In the light of the Joint cooperation Agreement between the Iraqi Government and the European Union, deputy Minister of Planning and acting president of Statistics Office of Kurdistan Region Government together with Mr. Delawar Azghaee, the representative of the Kurdistan Region Government in Belgium
23 January 2024

Consultative workshop of the Kurdistan Region Statistics Office is held in Duhok governorate

‏A two-day workshop was held in Dohuk governorate to present the work plan in general and exchange opinions about the past and future activities of the Kurdistan Region Statistics Office (KRSO).
24 December 2023

Statistics directorate of Dohuk governorate participates in GIS Day

On 16/11/2023, on the World GIS Day, Statistics directorate in Dohuk governorate participated in an event to celebrate the day
12 December 2023

The result of the Land Use Land Cover classification project is revealed

Under the supervision of the Minister of Planning, the result of “Land Use Land Cover classification project” was revealed in an event on Monday 13/11/2023.
19 November 2023

A Consultative Workshop is held on Multi Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS)

In order to conduct Multi Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS), a consultative workshop was held under supervision of president of Kurdistan Region Statistics Office (KRSO) in Erbil between 24-26/10/2023.
1 November 2023

KRSO Participates in the celebration of World Statistics Day

KRSO Participated in the celebration of World Statistics Day held by STAT organization in coordination with the Department of Statistics in the College of Administration and Economics of Salahaddin University Kurdistan Region Statistics Office participated in the event under the name of “Process of Statistical Data Analysis in Scientific Research”.
31 October 2023

Webinar of Expert Group on Refugees, Internal Displaced Persons, and Statelessness Statistics (EGRISS)

In the field of activities of Expert Group on Refugees, Internal Displaced Persons, and Statelessness Statistics (EGRISS), on 7th October 2023, president of KRSO, member of the steering committee since 2020 participated in the Webinar on identifying refugees,
25 October 2023

The second workshop is held to assess the implementation of recommendations for developing the private sector enterprises (MSME) between 20-21/9/2023

Following the first workshop on 12/3/2023, the second workshop was held between 20-21/9/2023 to evaluate the road map of implementing the mechanism for developing Micro, Small and Medium economic enterprises for the private sector (MSME) in Kurdistan Region.
26 September 2023

A training course is held on the System of National Accounts - Erbil, September 17-21, 2023

Under the supervision of the World Bank and in cooperation between the Central Statistics organization of Iraq and Kurdistan Region Statistics Office, a training workshop on the National Accounts System was held in Erbil between 17-21 September 2023.
26 September 2023

A training course is held on HH socio- Economic survey, Round 3 (IHSESIII)

In coordination with CSO, KRSO started a training course on IHSESIII for enumerators and supervisors and team leaders on 7/6/2023
11 June 2023

Meeting on the results of the study of “More investment for children in Kurdistan Region”

On behalf of the Minister of Planning, together with the general director of cooperation and coordination for development in the Ministry of Planning, president of KRSO supervised a meeting with the deputy ministries of education, labor and social affairs and participation of the advisors and general directorates from ministries of education
25 May 2023

A meeting between the Investment board and the Investors Union in the Kurdistan Region

Under the supervision of Dr. Muhammad Shukri, the head of the Kurdistan Region Investment board, a meeting was held between the board and the Kurdistan Investors Union on Tuesday 16/5/2023 with participation of representative from KRSO and the director general of research and information from the investment board.
21 May 2023

The regional workshop on the MICS 7th in Amman

Between 3 - 10 May 2023, UNICEF, global team arrenged regional workshop for MICS (round 7) in Amman with the participation of the Kurdistan Region Statistics Office (KRSO) and the Central Statistical Organization (CSO) of Iraq and representatives from Egypt, Mongolia, Algeria, Oman, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Palestine and Libya.
21 May 2023

A training course is held on industrial establishments survey (Large, Medium and Small) in Sulaymaniyah between 9-11/5/2023

In cooperation with central statistics organization (CSO), Kurdistan region statistics office (KRSO) held a training course in Sulaymaniyah governorate statistics directorate with participation of technical teams from CSO, the survey supervisor from KRSO
15 May 2023

Steering Committee of Funding Facility for Economic Reform (FFER) holds a meeting

To implement the road map of economic reform, the Steering Committee of Funding Facility for Economic Reform (FFER) holds a meeting on 4/2/2023.
10 April 2023